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Occupational Medicine, Lafayette Louisiana

Acadiana Center wants to be your partner in occupational health & safety care. With over 40 years of combined experience in Occupational Medicine, Acadiana Center offers comprehensive examinations & screenings for restoring & maintaining employee health and wellness.  We are committed to creating healthy workplaces by delivering high-quality medical care and value to our corporate partners.

We provide a wide range of occupational health services including physical examinations, OSHA surveillance examinations, travel consultations, drug & alcohol screenings, functional skills assessments, MRO services, work-related injury & illnesses, & more.

Physical Exams:

We offer a wide range of Occupational Health exams including pre-placement, DOT-FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier), USCG (Merchant Mariner), Crane Operator exams, Food Handler clearance, Oil & Gas UK, Return-to-Work exams, Fitness-for-Duty exams, & more.

We work closely with our corporate partners to provide necessary medical testing for their employees to ensure a healthy workplace.

OSHA Surveillance:

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires regular medical exams for certain employee classifications. At Acadiana Center, we provide specific medical surveillance exams such as Asbestos, Arsenic, Benzene, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead & Mercury & more.  We also provide tuberculosis testing, qualitative respirator fit testing, respirator medical clearance, audiograms, & more.

Drug and Alcohol Testing:

Acadiana Center offers a wide range of drug and alcohol testing services.  These services are performed by our certified technicians and include DOT drug screens, Non-DOT drug screens (instant & send-off), hair follicle testing & breath alcohol screening with confirmation. We are affiliated with eScreen, CRL, Form Fox, LabCorp, Quest, Disa, & Alere.

We also provide MRO services that are performed by our experienced Certified Medical Review Officer to meet the healthcare needs of our corporate clients.

Workers’ Compensation Injury & Illness Care:

Acadiana Center wants to be your partner in the prevention & treatment of work-related injuries & illnesses. We understand the sensitive nature of recordable injuries in the workplace and aim to provide the best care for your injured employees.  Our goal is to restore employee health and wellness by reducing costs and maximizing productivity, while keeping employees at work during their recovery. We are committed to helping create healthy workplaces, delivering high-quality care and value to our corporate partners.

Other Occupational Health Services:

Acadiana Center provides a comprehensive list of occupational health services that are performed by certified technicians. These services include pulmonary function testing, qualitative respirator fit testing, audiograms, vision screening (Keystone, Snellen, Ishihara, Farnsworth, Lanthony & Stereo Fly), X-rays, EKGs, international travel exams, travel immunizations, lab work, functional skills assessments, & more.

To learn more about our Occupational Health services, call us at (337) 269-0136.